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Illuminate (David Crowder Band album)

Illuminate is the second studio album and fourth album overall by David Crowder Band recorded for sixstepsrecords, released in September 2003.

Critical reception

Illuminate garnered critical acclaim from music critics. At CCM Magazine, Dan MacIntosh graded the album a B commenting that listeners will discover first and foremost the vulnerable vocalist in David Crowder, and then discover "ultimately it's the diversity of songs and creativity in arrangements that set Illuminate apart as a shining example of modern praise & worship." Tom Lennie of Cross Rhythms gave the album a perfect ten squares noting the "rare combination of passion and sensitivity." At Christianity Today, Russ Breimeier gave it a three-and-a-half stars affirming that "If the success of their last album is any indicator, Illuminate is bound to be a smash."

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I listen to a variety of music when I need inspiration or encouragement. One song in particular is "Stars" by David Crowder Band, and it is on their album "Illuminate". The nature imagery is eloquently written into the lyrics, and the melody is very calming. It is about the Lord making things beautiful, making us beautiful, and His mercy on us. We should take a pause from our busy lives now and then to witness God’s creation all around us, and praise Him in all situations, even when life gets tough.

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