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Iain Banks

Iain Banks (16 February 1954 – 9 June 2013) was a Scottish author. He wrote mainstream fiction under the name Iain Banks and science fiction as Iain M. Banks, including the initial of his adopted middle name Menzies (/ˈmɪŋɪz/ ( listen)).

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io9's crash course on the Culture universe. A useful guide for the uninitiated.

Contributed by Nicholas Merrill

Adam Whitehead provides a primer on Culture reading order.

Contributed by Nicholas Merrill

A discussion forum on Banks and his work.

Contributed by Nicholas Merrill

Some editions of Bank's first novel, 'The Wasp Factory,' are known for including negative blurbs on the back cover. When first published, the novel was highly controversial due to its graphic violence and edgy psychological examination.

Contributed by Nicholas Merrill

John Clute reviews 'The Hydrogen Sonata,' and in the process provides an intelligent literary criticism.

Contributed by Nicholas Merrill

The Guardian, longtime a proponent of Banks, reviews 'The Hydrogen Sonata.'

Contributed by Nicholas Merrill

A glowing review of Banks's 9th Culture novel, 'The Hydrogen Sonata.'

Contributed by Nicholas Merrill

Banks calls himself an 'evangelical atheist.'

Contributed by Nicholas Merrill

Banks discusses his 8th Culture novel, 'Surface Detail,' with the BBC.

Contributed by Nicholas Merrill

Banks talks about everything in a 45 minute chat with The Open University.

Contributed by Nicholas Merrill

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