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We all accidently delete something that we were typing on the iPhone. If that happens, just shake your phone and "undo Typing" button comes up!

Contributed by Leah Janeski

The evolution of the iPhone.

Contributed by Chris Hough

iPhones are widely popular with their sleek design and intuitive operating system. Like many others, the iPhone is always developing newer versions of it's operating system to maintain performance and features of this device. Although, in the process of jailbreaking, a user is able to "jailbreak" their iDevice in the sacrifice of losing up coming features in possible updates. Yet by jailbreaking, users can enhance features not supported by apple such as USB Tethering for free or simply customizing the look and feel of iOS. Yet, with each new Apple update, it has become harder for developers to create a jailbreak for iDevices. Apple is aware of jailbreaking and recognized it, yet made it legal as long as the user does not make illegal downloads, such as cracked applications.

Contributed by AJ Santos

For years, both Apple and Google, who are the two biggest tech companies in the world have been fighting and suing each other for patents. Both companies believe they're the top of the technology chain, making new innovative products such as making products from the iPhone, iPad, iMac to Nexus phones and tablets, Chromebooks and much more. Yet thought out all these products and fighting, both sides seems to be working together to give back to the consumer uses. Google, who just announced the Google Glass, will be working together with Apple to make the Google Glass compatible with the Apple devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. This will be a big things for consumers, since they'll have more options to choose products from either sides of the market.

Contributed by Arthur Hoang

Apple won a landmark patent infringement case against Samsung last Friday. While this makes the future of Android unclear, a beneficiary seems to be Microsoft and its Windows phone. How ironic since Microsoft itself copied the Mac OS to create Windows long ago.

Contributed by Chuck Kao