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Andes iPhone 4 Case

Cool hipster-esque, blue patterned iPhone 4 cover

Contributed by Callie Wuttke

Flower iPhone Cover

Vintage Elegant Flower iPhone 4 Cover

Contributed by Callie Wuttke

Owl iPhone Case

Cute Owl iPhone Case

Contributed by Callie Wuttke

iPhone 5C Launched September 24

Being the first of it's kind, the new colored iPhone is composed of new material. What was before glass is replaced with polycarbonate, giving the phone a sleek shine. It is also going "retro" iPhone by returning to the curved edges akin to 2007-2009 era of iPhones. Find more information at:

Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely

This case has a small pop-out lever that you can press repeatedly to charge the iPhone. A minute of squeezing will get you about 30 seconds on the phone. It is even slim enough to fit in your pocket!

Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely

iPhone Case

Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely

Do you love being colorful?

Contributed by Brittany Jones


The newest update for Apple.

Contributed by Brett McKee

Apple now allows you to choose a color for your iPhone 5C.

Contributed by Rayy Missin Shod Jackson

New iPhone 5C and 5S Cases

"On the heels of Apple’s announcement earlier this week about the new iPhone 5S and 5C, Society6 has answered with new iPhone 5S and 5C cases." Via Design Milk:

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo