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Husky /ˈhʌski/ is a general name for a sled-type of dog used in northern regions, differentiated from other sled-dog types by their fast pulling style. They are an ever-changing cross-breed of the fastest dogs. The Alaskan Malamute, by contrast, is "the largest and oldest of the Arctic sled dogs," and was used for heavier loads. Huskies are used in sled dog racing. In recent years, companies have been marketing tourist treks with dog sledges for adventure travelers in snow regions as well. Huskies are also today kept as pets, and groups work to find new pet homes for retired racing and adventure trekking dogs.

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7 weeks.

Contributed by Anthony Lebario

Husky's are gorgeous :3

Contributed by Evette Simmons


Contributed by Amira Nyström

This is hilarious! Lmao so cute, please watch!

Contributed by Megan Hibdon

I love dogs

Contributed by Megan Hibdon


Contributed by Megan Hibdon

AW she is so cue... MUST WATCH!

Contributed by Megan Hibdon

I love youuu

Contributed by Megan Hibdon

Husky dog says I love you! :o

Contributed by Marlen Aguilera

so cute!! ^-^

Contributed by Marlen Aguilera

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