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Vine is a social media that allows you to post 6 second videos at a time. Jerome Jarre is one of my favorite users because he's just a french guy living in New York that likes making people smile awww.

Contributed by Eunice Lee

These videos are pretty humorous! Watch it and the other kid snippets!

Contributed by Josiah Badger

Some of the greatest!

Contributed by Michael Ewing

Everyone gets the urge to dance to that one catchy song...Even the Harvard baseball team

Contributed by Audry Ocañas

I definitely laughed harder than I should have lol I think it was the faces being made.

Contributed by Courtney Walsh

Seriously, so creepy.

Contributed by Shannon Marie Liabenow

Haha kids are so funny!

Contributed by Shannon Marie Liabenow

So true.

Contributed by Keri Potter

Not only funny, but a great attitude towards his life as well.

Contributed by Sara Cornett

So mean, but so funny.

Contributed by Keri Potter