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What a classic "Baby's First Birthday" picture with a really great twist! :)

Contributed by Anne Mena

Best. present. EVER

I'm sure the cat is thinking, "couldn't you have just stuck me in a gift bag instead?"

Contributed by Hannah Lyons

Anything for a good picture, Right?

I laughed SO, SO hard at this!

Contributed by Hannah Lyons

This is a genius prank that's actually pretty easy to do. The reactions are hilarious!

Contributed by Chuck Kao

I'd have been like "worth it!"

Contributed by Joseph Perry

DashieXP is a really funny dude. He does a lot of things with video games to

Contributed by Joseph Perry

Good incentive not to throw your stuff

Contributed by Erica Sawyer

Gotta love those days

Contributed by Erica Sawyer

These are some really funny videos that my siblings and I do together. We have a lot of fun making them!! Check it out!!

Contributed by Melody Callister