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Very funny prank!

Contributed by Giuliana Sarto

One Centimeter at a Time

This comic was based on the theory that the sun is slowly moving toward Earth. So this is the speed up version where the sun and the planets are like people. Enjoy!

Contributed by Sara Wimmer


Who doesn't love this movie?!

Contributed by Anna Johnson

Guys vs. Girls

This is so true!

Contributed by Anna Johnson

Cat Ladies

Makes me laugh!

Contributed by Anna Johnson

This always makes me giggle.

Contributed by Jessica Lynn Torres

Safety instructions are pretty boring and its hard to catch the attention of everyone especially if they've been hearing it all day. This woman gets everyone listening and laughing. :)

Contributed by Theresa Frye

Everlasting jobstopper

for those who support Obama im sorry but this I think is brilliant especially since i grew up watching this movie!!

Contributed by Sarah Minehart


This totally made my day

Contributed by Nicole MacMillan

ok maybe you wont find this funny but IT ALWAYS MAKES ME LAUGH

Contributed by Sarah Minehart