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The Lion King

a brilliant reenactment

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

What type of shoes do pedophiles wear ? White Vans

Contributed by Gabrielle Gutierrez

Satan and I cross paths once again--this time at the grocery store. He demands to know why I haven't accepted his friend request on Facebook yet.

Contributed by Brady Tickle

True story

My mother said every single on of these, in these exact words, multiple times throughout my chilghood

Contributed by Jordan Griffin


these cats know what's about to go down

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

. . . . .

I'm not sure how to feel about this

Contributed by Jordan Griffin


its sad that this is how everybody feels on Monday mornings

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

10 Facts

A little humor never hurt anyone!

Contributed by Ashleigh Hood

one of my canines is getting loose

this picture is too cute and funny!

Contributed by Tricia Casillas

Don't play like you're some kind of authority.

I fine it extremely funny and entertaining how the English people reacted to the American ad.

Contributed by Tricia Casillas