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Theres no I in teamwork

Got to take risks in order to get what you want

Contributed by Julie SaNchez

The kittens face says it all


Contributed by Julie SaNchez

I see London, i see France..ohh wait.....

Akward moment when the wind is too strong

Contributed by Julie SaNchez

This video is hilarious, I absolutely love Miranda Sings!

Contributed by Tia Black'Queen Toliver

Math teachers be like...

The real answer!

Contributed by Sam Gobert

When iMessage won't work so you have to send the message as an text.

Don't have an iPhone, but I've heard people complian

Contributed by Sam Gobert

The best of both Worlds

Laughed harder at this then I should have.

Contributed by Sam Gobert

Parah Salin

The irony and word play ?

Contributed by Ryann Burnett


I seriously need to know where these came from!!!! Like, it's my goal in life!!!

Contributed by Jordan Griffin