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pretty girl

Contributed by Maygen Rausch


Isnt he a pretty boy. Mustang Quarter horse cross.

Contributed by Maygen Rausch

Horse Hug

Contributed by Lindsay Favero

Big Jake

The tallest horse in the world

Contributed by Sara Cornett

Found this photo and immediately fell in live with it. Simply amazing :)

Contributed by Tyra Evans

Wild Horses Sharing the Beach

Contributed by Sara Cornett

equine love

I love drawing horses :D

Contributed by Michelle Rowell

Icelandic Horses

Contributed by Sara Cornett

"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle." ~Winston Churchill

Contributed by Megan Steele

This video is great documentary on the evolution and involvement of horses in and around our world.

Contributed by Jelyssa Ulani Brown