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Love their ears

Contributed by Alex Anderson

Horses can be used for so many things. They are very versatile animals. This video shows one sport that horses are involved in. The horse has to be able to maintain a nice even rhythm to allow the rider to perform the maneuvers without falling. The horse has to maintain its calm with everything going on around it. Amazing!

Contributed by Sarah Dell Mann

Behold, a Chocolate Palamino

its just so beautiful!

Contributed by Brianne Davison

the relationship between his horse and him is truly incredible. the fact that he can get his horse to do half of that stuff is insane. A definite must watch. :)

Contributed by Brianne Davison

Cute Horse Picture

Just shows how great friends are

Contributed by Amanda Fich

ball is friend

Contributed by Marly Bishop

Beautiful creatures

Horses the most beautiful creature in the world. Their legs, the body, the haif what isinr beautiful about them? These creatures are harmeless unless the human does something it does not like. And riding them ooooooo gosh scary stuff but the view from the top of the horse is beautiful.

Contributed by Itza Rodela

Mackinac Island

On this seasonal island cars are outlawed and horses are one of the main sources of transportation!

Contributed by Emma Brittain

Amazingly athletic Olympic horses.

Contributed by Emma Brittain

Super cute!!

Contributed by Emma Keele