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Hopeless Romantic (The Bouncing Souls album)

Hopeless Romantic is the fourth full-length studio album by New Jersey punk band The Bouncing Souls. It was released in 1999 on Epitaph. The album finds the band experimenting with tempos and genres, all while maintaining the energetic punk sound of their previous albums. Hopeless Romantic contains fan favorites like "Kid", "¡Olé!", and the ballad "Night on Earth."

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A hopeless romantic is someone that is in love with love. Someone that can't get enough of watching love movies or reading love stories. Someone who also wants to find love themselves because they see what a " happily ever after " is in movies and these books which is always linked to love, so hopeless romantics always wander around looking for love and looking for people that can be there " other half " to make them happy. On the other hand this love movies and books make their expectations of love very high. They always have to find their perfect one that fits the criteria that those movies made it seem that they have to have in a soulmate.

Contributed by Vanessa Marquez

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