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Honda Integra

The Honda Integra (sold in some markets as Acura Integra and Rover 416i) is an automobile produced by Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda from 1985 to 2006. It succeeded the Honda Quint as the slightly larger derivative of the Civic and each generation of the Integra was derived from the contemporary generation of the Civic. Being more luxurious and sports-oriented than the Quint, the Integra was one of the launch models for Acura in 1986, along with the Legend. Throughout its life, the Integra was highly regarded for its handling and performance.

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I am a 18 year old high school student, and i have a 2001 Acura Integra. It was passed down to me from my sister who used it all through college. She had no idea how to take care of a car. So when i got it, I wasn't so excited. But the moment i started it and drove it for the first time, i was in love. I've always had trouble figuring out what my passion in life was. I tried so many things form wrestling to drawing to snowboarding. Nothing caught my interest and kept my interested like driving my Integra. I get chills every time i look at my car and see what God has planned for us in the future. I am so glad to have found my calling, my Acura Integra.

Contributed by Cameron Ortiz

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