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Homestuck is generally lighthearted and seemingly just really cool in general but if you pull back for a bit... There are a lot of themes in the comic that are extremely deep and relevant to pretty much everything. The characters grapple with real-world problems as they progress through a game that has brought about the end of the world.. and they're all just thirteen!! One character grapples with his self-hatred and regret, another with the emotional and physical abuse of a partner that is not good for her at all... and let's not forget the tragic, untimely deaths of all of their guardians due to this game. Homestuck is really deep and serious.. but Andrew Hussie has cleverly hidden it behind a veil of comedy and jokes. It's really fun to interpret themes and messages using the critical reading skills that high school English has given me.

Contributed by Oryanna Weidner

6/12/2013 Upd8

Contributed by Kira Aslen Rogness

The following is the Alternian alphabet, the language of the trolls in Homestuck.

Contributed by Scarlett Kirn

If you read Homestuck or any comic on MSPA for that matter PLAY. THIS. GAME. But I'm warning you bro, I'm telling you dawg.

Contributed by Felicia Nicole McCoy

I like to cosplay as Homestuck characters, and I went to my first convention in January. Here are me and my friends as Military!stuck beta kids, me as John Egbert.

Contributed by Felicia Nicole McCoy

Lord English

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Jane Crocker

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Jake English

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Dirk Strider

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Roxy Lalonde

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