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Homelessness in the United States

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I am going to keep my commentary short and sweet and let the homeless individuals speak for themselves. Here is something to keep in mind. Have you ever heard of the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover?" Well, don't judge a homeless person. Ever.

Contributed by Tony Hart


What should we do to help them out ?

Contributed by Besho M Mousa

What if today you too lost everything (car, job, etc.)? Would you have a "back-up plan"--place to go to, family to stay with, a good paying job where you could easily stay in a hotel for a week or two before something better comes along? Where would you go? What would happen to you (if you didn't have a job even though you have been looking for one for the last fourteen months and/or if you had absolutely no family to help you out financially)? This is the current situation where i am at right now. I go to college part-time--finally a darn Senior now. Thank God for that. I seriously have been looking for a job (more than fourteen months now) but i keep hitting "dead ends" (managers tell me they're not hiring, they give me hours that don't go well with my college hours, there are no city buses that go to the jobs where they want me to work at, etc.) and i am seriously now at "the end of my rope". I feel real discouraged, depressed, angry, lonely, feel real hopeless and not really feeling "bright" for my future (when i graduate this coming December). I am one of the many homeless people here in the U.S.A. who has no job, no car, no cell-phone, barely gets by with eating only ONE meal a day, have no family helping me financially and i'm a female Veteran. This is the cr*p that i "look forward to"--here, in my "back-yard" in the United States of America. Do politicians care? NO they don't. Do other folks care? Lately, i feel real discouraged, angry, lonely, depressed and feel real, real hopeless--so NO, i also feel that no one cares. I hope i'm wrong (feeling like no one cares). And before i log out today, Please do NOT assume that all of "us worthless people" who hate working, hate being in school, "enjoy living in the streets", live under a bridge, "enjoy doing crack or meth" every day for the "fun of it", who have more than two brats that we never take care of, that we are lazy bums who "enjoy partying" every day, we "hook up" with other losers and/or that we're lazy bums who have been in an out of prison. NOT all of us are like that (as in MY case). F.Y.I. just to remind you--i am a female Veteran, never been in prison, never had kids (brats whatever you want to call it), i hate smoking, i hate drugs, i rarely drink coffee, i never "hook up" with men who ARE the ones who are lazy who are going to bring MY Spirits down (as if i need someone else to do for me, what i already do to myself), never been married (and want to keep it that way), i rarely drink alcohol, i went back to college (a Senior now, finally darn it!) and even though i already got cut off from all Financial Aid, i unfortunately have had to hustle my way through college (especially these last two years) just to get by (paying for my books, my own tuition, food, etc.). There is NOT a single day that goes by that i have wanted to quit and become "one of them"--but my good friend (died of diabetes) always told me that i was a "fighter" and that she always admired me because i "never give up, when i set my mind on something." What about YOU? Would YOU be able to do what i am now doing (living on LESS than $300 to survive on for six months at a time, eating only ONE meal a day, etc.)? Please do NOT ever think that all homeless people are "worthless creatures" who love having things given to them for free, who do nothing but beg for money all day long to later waste on drugs or alcohol, who have all been to prison (once or twice before), who are all "crack-heads", who "hook up" with other lazy bums, etc., etc.--to remind you, i am a homeless female and i am NOT "one of them".

Contributed by SE Ol'Skool

This is sad, but cute at the same time.

Homeless man and his dog in the US. At least he still has someone he can trust and rely on =)

Contributed by Joselyn Rojas

The career that I want to achieve (civil engineer), will change this percentage of homeless people living on the streets, under bridges, and etc.. I want to help out those in need, and help build/ construct building for homeless to live in and help them get back on there feet.

Contributed by Ramses Sosa