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Historically black colleges and universities

Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are institutions of higher education in the United States that were established before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with the intention of primarily serving the African-American community. This was because the overwhelming majority of predominantly white institutions of higher-learning disqualified African Americans from enrollment during segregation. There are now 101 HBCUs in the United States, including public and private institutions. This figure is down from the 121 institutions that existed during the 1930s. Of these remaining HBCU institutions in the United States, 27 offer doctoral programs, 52 schools offer master's programs, 83 colleges offer bachelor's degree programs and 38 schools offer associate degrees.

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My H(BCU) is one other greatest because we have such a rich history. Our founder an educated African American Woman start this University in the city dump of Daytona Beach, Florida with a $1.50 and 5 little girls in 1904. Forward to modern times Bethune-Cookman University is considered the heart of Daytona with our undefeated football and baseball champs. The "greatest band in the land" and also our a solid and great education.

Contributed by Taylor Nicole Walker-Bland

HBCU's are so wonderful, because you celebrate the fact that african americans have came from not being able to have an education to having universities that were discovered by african americans and have produced some of the best african americans ever. Not saying that other races shouldn't go to HBCU's, i really think everyone should at least take a course at an HBCU to get the experience. NCA&TSU; (My HBCU) has produced Jesse Jackson, Terrence off of 106 & Park and many more. We aren't the only HBCU with such a great history. EVERYONE SHOULD GO TO AN HBCU YOU WILL NEVER REGRET THE DECISION.

Contributed by Cee Cee Tamika

This is great. I am happy a lot of non-blacks are going to HBCU's to see that that they will get great opportunities for a low-cost of tuition with a good education :)

Contributed by Victoria E. Colbert

A little inside scoop on the history of HBCUs.

Contributed by Chatise Renae Smith

PBS may be a bit "kiddie," but knowledge is knowledge non the less! You'll find out some great things at this link. Some information may be things you didn't even know! "Kiddy" sites are actually quite intriguing.

Contributed by Chatise Renae Smith

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