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Who remembers this song from House Party 2?

Contributed by Taylor Jackson


Contributed by Evelyn Philistin

One of hip-hop's founding groups, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five broke ground with this landmark single, "The Message".

Contributed by Hassan Basquiat Walker

Hands down one of the best Hip Hop songs ever, With both of the greats!! R.I.P to 2Pac and Biggie; Hip Hop sort of died when you did. Hats off to Eminem who put this together and produced it. It's amazing and no one could of done it better.

Contributed by Rebecca Beaudry

This is Hip Hop. 90's Style :)

Contributed by Rebecca Beaudry

Most people don't see hip hop as bringing people together, but a student at my high school, Anthony Ramirez, wrote and performed a song for a young girl that passed away from cancer. This brought together our school in a huge way. RIP Breanna

Contributed by Samantha June Ellender

Kendrick Lamar - Average Joe

Contributed by Kyle Whitley

KILLUMINATI (2012) Full Documentary

Contributed by Dominique Pryor

A feature-length documentary film about hip-hop DJing, otherwise known as turntablism.

Contributed by Meghan Costigan

Part 1 of a documentary on the history of hip hop.

Contributed by Meghan Costigan