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Hip-hop dance

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This is breakdancing, one of the forms of hip hop dancing, that is performed with 80's hip hop music, which consists of a DJ (Disk Jockey) who controls the beat. This video was live on US TV in the 80's.

Contributed by Ayanna Jones

Lando Wilkins introduces his first interviewer for his B.A.D. campaign: MIKE SONG || B.A.D BORN A DEFINITION

Contributed by Richard Matthews

LANDO WILKINS || B.A.D. BORN A DEFINITION CAMPAIGN a series of videos by prominent teachers, choreographers, dancers, and other artist to help and inspire the dance community young and old to be better dancers

Contributed by Richard Matthews

one of the best performances ever on So You Think You Can Dance

Contributed by Cassidee Kido

Hip hop dance is very versatile. It can be put to many different kinds of music at many different speeds. It's a popular way for artists to portray a story or a message through their bodies.

Contributed by Ashley Phang

I can't believe there's no page for animation yet. It's a new type of hip-hop but it's so AMAZING! And the best dancer I've ever seen is Cyrus currently on So You Think You Can Dance. Here he is performing with Twitch.

Contributed by Chuck Kao