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High school football

High school football is gridiron football played by high school teams in the United States and Canada. It ranks among the most popular interscholastic sports in both countries. It is also popular amongst American High school teams in Europe.

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This video about football's great moments mainly consists of the very teamwork exemplified, whether the blockers on the offensive side created a gateway for the running backs to make huge runs, or the defensive cohesion that is shown to further stop the offensive side from creating any opportunities for itself. Team sports at their greatest.

Contributed by Torez BamaBoy Peoples

With all of the new types of equipment and coaching styles that high school football is receiving it is clear that the safety of the high school athlete is the first priority. Every year high schools buy the newest and safest equipment they can from Riddle, Under Armor, and ect.... Along with the new equipment the coaches are keying in more on the fundamentals of the sport. They are teaching the athletes how to tackle and block someone the correct way so that they don't get hurt. I know these things because I was a high school football player. And while I played in high school my coaches were always concerned with my safety.

Contributed by Mark Cover

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