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Her Campus is an online magazine targeted at the female college student demographic. It is the number one online magazine for college women. Content is written by more than 7,000 contributors from more than 300 campus chapters located in nine countries. The magazine also has a high school section. The magazine was founded in 2009 by three Harvard University undergraduates: Stephanie Kaplan, Windsor Western, and Annie Wang. The women met in 2007 while working on a separate Harvard online publication. In November 2010, Glamour Magazine honored the women at its Women of the Year Awards ceremony, where they were presented with the Amazing Young Women Award from Chelsea Clinton.

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If you want to pursue a degree or career in public relations, journalism, marketing, or writing it is a great opportunity. College students are able to run their own online magazine for their college which is based on the Her Campus website. It allows students to network, receive internship credit, and gain experience to put on your resume. It also contributes as an online portfolio for your work.

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