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Hemp (disambiguation)

Hemp may refer to:

  • Cannabis, a genus of plants
    • Cannabis (drug), the use of several species of Cannabis (C. sativa, C. indica, C. ruderalis) as drugs, including marijuana and hashish
  • Hemp as a crop, cultivation of Cannabis plants:

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What hemp looks like versus what marijuana looks like.

Contributed by Amanda Allen

Hemp is composed of a distinct oil, seed, and fiber type, and has much less tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than marijuana. THC is the substance that gives marijuana the psychoactive effects that classify it as an illicit drug. The deliberated varieties of Cannabis sativa are grown differently; hemp is bred to maximize its fiber, seed, and oil yield while marijuana is bred to maximize THC levels. Hemp also contains high levels of the intriguing compound, cannabidiol (CBD) which actually counteracts the effects of THC. Combine this THC antagonist with the already infinitesimal amount of THC found in hemp and it becomes next to impossible to use it as a drug.

Contributed by Amanda Allen

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