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In 1941 Henry Ford created a car made of HEMP. This was both the exterior and interior. It ran on bio-fuel made from Hemp and was lubricted with Hemp oil. The car body was 10x stronger than steel. It could withstand a direct blow from a sharpened axe head and not even have a scratch on it. Ford still has the technology to build this car. The reason the car never made it to mass production...World War II. After WWII, the steel industry was booming and big companies did not want to lose their lucrative income, that shifting to a natural made "plastic" car would cause. Now, decades later, Ford is revisiting the idea of a hemp made vehicle. The thing standing in the way...big government and coporations.

Contributed by Chassidy Mobley Kear

Even big companies such as Adidas are getting on board with the hemp movement.

Contributed by Amanda Allen

Even big companies such as Adidas are getting on board with the hemp movement.

Contributed by Amanda Allen

Utilizing hemp more throughout communities could prove vital because hemp is a renewable resource that can be grown organically without depleting its soil. It can expand the post-consumer waste duration because its strong fibers foster recycling, especially in paper and plastic. Hemp’s nutrients include a full complement of essential amino and fatty acids. Hemp will be valuable in the United States’ current nutritional plight. Industrial hemp’s fibers have high cellulose levels, which make it ideal for producing ethanol fuel. Alternative energy sources are essential in the global effort to be more sustainable. If hemp were to replace cotton, it would eradicate 6,000 tons of pesticides used in the U.S. each year (that equates to 25% of the nation’s pesticide use). Cotton production also requires scores of fertilizers and much more water than hemp. Many people may not realize the ecological price to producing cotton, but hemp can replace it and the issues that come with it. When hemp is coupled with lime, the substance petrifies into a material stronger than concrete. Many people in Europe are employing this substance in the housing industry because the process produces less waste, uses less energy, and insulates better. A plastic composite derived from hemp is biodegradable, and it’s beginning to replace fiberglass in cars because it also produces less waste and uses less energy to make. Hemp, having fibers longer and stronger than tree fibers, can be an accommodating substitute for timber in the paper-making process. Hemp paper will not yellow with age, and it can be recycled eight times while paper from trees only lasts for three recycles. Harvesting hemp fibers instead of tree fibers will use less energy and will not release pollutants into the environment. Interestingly, hemp will yield 10 tons of fiber per acre in only 120 days while lumber produces 700 pounds, or 0.35 tons, of fiber per acre in a year. Chopping down trees and leveling forests for paper can alter entire ecosystems. The public should invest more in the industrial hemp market because hemp has significant ecological and economic potential.

Contributed by Amanda Allen

Awesome proven facts about hemp provided by the Hemp Industries Association

Contributed by Allison Ballesteros

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