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HealthTap provides an all-in-one healthcare experience powered by artificial intelligence. They deliver immediate consultation and care from their Medical Expert Network of more than 121,000 doctors across 147 specialties to 100s of millions of people in 174 countries via video, voice, and text chat on any mobile device or personal computer. HealthTap's proprietary Health Operating System (HOPES™) and proprietary triaging technology (Dr. A.I.™) enable hospital systems, insurance companies, employers, and governments to deliver the right care at the right time at the right price. HOPES powers the HealthTap Cloud™, a first-of-its-kind virtual cloud dedicated to healthcare and created for interoperability and ease of integration.

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I love this app! Spring is the time my allergies tend to hit, so if you are a person who also tends to get allergies or is frequently sick, I recommend this app! It's great and there are doctors worldwide who could get you an answer to most questions you have. DOWNLOAD THE APP

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