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This is what happens when you smoke & drink on the INSIDE. Look what the good stuff does for you.

Contributed by Alexis Weatherspoon

Anti-angiogenesis as a means to thwart disease proves the healing power that is inherent in so many easily- accessible and delicious foods. Knowledge is power.

Contributed by Kristin Bonstingl

Delicious Peanut Butter cookies with very low carbohydrates and fat with high protein. A must try recipe!

Contributed by Waleed Haschemi

Many people believe that in order to lose weight, you have to train in the gym constantly. Now although this is true, you must remember that you can never outwork a bad diet. now a diet is not necessarily cutting food and starving yourself, but simply eating healthier. So always remember that cutting fat starts in the kitchen.

Contributed by Waleed Haschemi

Health is categorized like the four legs of a chair,each leg represents something; strength, cardio, food, and sleep. If you lack in one of these subjects, your chair will be unstable, and in turn your health will not be at its best.

Contributed by Waleed Haschemi

The Harmful Effects of Sugar

May people consume tons of sugar a day without much of a concern or even knowledge of the fact. I am posting to help spread the word of how bad processed sugar is and I think people should know because of how often people come in contact with it. There are several healthy substitutes out there.

Contributed by Clay Jenkins

3 week body makeover

A great 4 day a week cardio workout plan.

Contributed by Chelsea Rae

Healthy combos!

Contributed by Megan Schellong