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Jon Cozart is great! I love his humor and how he can explain all the HP books in 99 seconds :) Sorry if this spoils anything

Contributed by Kate Matrishon

Poor Harry

Good point though

Contributed by Hanna Alzoubi

Easy DIYs to make any Potter party a hit. Simple directions, ingredients and supplies are not too complex. Love this!

Contributed by Julia Vogt



This is hilarious!

Contributed by Hanna Alzoubi

Ron and Hermoine

Their connection that develops over the course of seven fantastic books is magical. This is Ron talking to his son about Hermoine.

Contributed by Anna Boskie

An early look at the characters of HP

This is so cool knowing how far they've come

Contributed by Jordan See

Monster Book of Monsters

Now you can own your own Monster Book of Monsters! The site also has a video where you can create your own replica.

Contributed by Katlyn Powers

"Time is making fools of us again."

Contributed by Abbey Thompson

"An invisible barrier separated him from the rest of the world. He was – he had always been a marked man."

Contributed by Abbey Thompson

"Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it."

Contributed by Abbey Thompson