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This is a comprehensive post of not only the new Harry Potter book covers, but also other great Harry Potter things.

Contributed by Corinne Demyanovich

Harry Potter Chapter Art

This is the chapter art from all of the Harry Potter books!

Contributed by Corinne Demyanovich

28 things that happened after the Harry Potter books ended.

Contributed by Corinne Demyanovich sells temporary tattoos that are black and look realistic.

Contributed by Makayla Jordan

Harry Potter Facts

A list of facts that any HP fan would love to know.

Contributed by Rachna Singh

For all of us who are truly Harry Potter-obsessed, this article could be the start of a great history related research paper regarding how the series is similar to World War II. (i.e. Voldemort is Hitler, Aryan race is pure-bloods, Jews are muggle-borns, etc.)

Contributed by Reilly Mask

I really enjoyed the layout that is presented here and agree that these spell are defiantly key to any aspiring witch or Wizard.

Contributed by Lucas Karabel

Theme Park

Living in Orlando Florida it is only a half hour drive to any of the theme parks in Disney world and Universal/IOA. If you are person around the Orlando area make sure you see the Hogwarts theme park ! It is incredible ! They are actually adding onto it by creating a Gringotts bank and who knows what else the imaginative team will think of. It is built to make anyone feel like they are in Diagon Alley. The shops are identical to what you see in the movies, especially the Joke shop! Check it out!

Contributed by Courtney Walsh

Neville Longbottom could've easily been Harry Potter! The prophecy stated that a boy born at the end of July would defeat Lord Voldemort. Neville was born July 30th while Harry was born July 31st. Deatheaters went to the Longbottom house and tortured Alice and Frank Longbottom to insanity. On the other hand, Voldemort went to the house of Lily and James Potter, murdered them and then attempt to murder Harry but his curse ended up being reflected which caused him to make Harry into a horcrux.

Contributed by Mario Navarro

Really cool new covers!

Contributed by Hallie Casey