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Black Elk Peak

Black Elk Peak (formerly Harney Peak) is the highest natural point in South Dakota, United States. It lies in the Black Elk Wilderness area, in southern Pennington County, in the Black Hills National Forest. At , it has been described by the Board on Geographical Names as the highest summit in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains. It is also known as Hiŋháŋ Káǧa (in Lakota).

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Natural Beauty and Serenity

Harney Peak is an absolutely gorgeous, must-see location in South Dakota. I went here June 2014 with my friend and it was breath-taking, I loved it. Harney Peak is one of my favorite places I've visited so far, and I would highly recommend a trip if you can afford it. It is a very steep and vigorous hike that took me approximately 3 hours total, so come prepared for a workout! It is a very prime example of how beautiful nature truly can be.

Contributed by Ally Klingelhofer

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