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Hard (music festival)

Hard is a national music festival, music cruise and concert brand founded by Gary Richards in 2007. The event line-ups consist of alternative and electronic acts and emerging talents. The first Hard Music Festival was held on December 31, 2007 in Downtown Los Angeles and featured Justice, Peaches and 2 Live Crew. Hard is best known for the Hard Summer Music Festival and Hard Haunted Mansion, though also runs several smaller events and once-off shows. Hard is sometimes called "Hardfest" by fans, based on the event's website ( and social media shortcuts. Additional Hard brands include the Hard Summer, Hard Red Rocks, Hard at Electric Daisy Carnival, and the Holy Ship! electronic music cruise. Also, previous events such as Hard Day of The Dead, Hard 13, Turkey Soup, Hard Miami, and others. Live Nation Entertainment acquired Hard in 2012.

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The hard summer line up

These are the people that performed at Hard

Contributed by Alissa Morris

Hard Summer 2013

This is one of sets from Hard

Contributed by Alissa Morris

If your into techno, dubstep, or any type of music like this, this music festival may be perfect for you. Its a 2 day festival that goes from 12:00am- 12:00pm. There are over 30 different sets and 4 different stages. its impossible to ever become bored.

Contributed by Alissa Morris

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