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Easy DIY Chain Link and Ribbon Bracelet

For this project, you will need… 10-12 links of 1 1/8” silver large chain link trim (found in the sewing notions aisle) 1.5-2 yards 1.5” gold satin ribbon Shears Fray Check Directions: 1. Form a loop with the chain links. Thread the ribbon through the links and secure with a bow. 2. Trim ribbon ends to the desired length. Apply Fray Check to cut ends to seal.

Contributed by Karen Webb

DIY Jewelry: Glammed Up Hex Nut Bracelet

Materials to make this DIY Bracelet: About 1 yard or 1 meter of suede lace, you could also your rope, leather lace etc 15-18 crystal rondelles (or hex nuts, washers, flat beads) Estimated craft time: 10 minutes or less Click link below for free tutorial.

Contributed by Karen Webb

DIY Bracelet: Cross Style Chain Woven Bracelet

Materials needed: - About 14 inches / 36 cm chain . I’m using 10×7 mm size chain. - about 21 inches / 54 cm of suede lace. I’m using 3mm width lace. - Some jump rings and a clasp to finish off the ends. Click link below for tutorial.

Contributed by Karen Webb

DIY Pearl Necklace Tutorial

DIY Pearl Necklace Tutorial Click link below for free tutorial.

Contributed by Karen Webb

Starting my sophomore year in high school I started my own handmade jewelry business. I sell on two online shops and a boutique in Downtown Phoenix. A few of my handmade pieces can be found here!

Contributed by Crystal Peralta

Ma Soeur Jewelry

This is a handmade piece, more items made by the same Designer (Crystal Peralta) can be found on her Etsy or Tictail shop.

Contributed by Crystal Peralta

Hand Stamped Family Jewelry

Beautiful piece for a grandmother!

Contributed by Debbie DeTora Calderon

awesome place to get handmade jewelry right from the maker!

Contributed by Ashley Knedler

Handmade brass chain bracelet with turquoise chips and ceramic bead

Contributed by Maddy McLendon

Handmade pendant with brass wire, glass beads, and rose quartz chips

Contributed by Maddy McLendon