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Handmade jewelry

Handmade jewelry (or handmade jewellery) is jewelry which has been assembled and formed by hand rather than through the use of machines.

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Jasper Hamsa / Yoga Bracelet

The hamsa is a Middle Eastern symbol that is shaped in the form of a hand. It is thought to ward off the evil eye and is a symbol of protection and peace. It is a favorite yoga accessory. See more -

Contributed by Reena Sommer

Day of the Dead Unisex Wrap Bracelet

This one is a head turner! More at

Contributed by Reena Sommer

A great looking piece of Christian jewelry

Something really different and the best part is - it's unisex. See more -

Contributed by Reena Sommer

Harley Davidson Biker / Day of the Dead Bracelet

Harley Davidson Biker Colors combined with a Day of the Dead clasp See more -

Contributed by Reena Sommer

Star of David Wrap Bracelet

This handmade bracelet incorporates a Star of David charm with a red Kabbalah cord. See more -

Contributed by Reena Sommer

Support Breast Cancer Awareness

A lovely piece of breast cancer jewelry - handmade triple wrap breastcancer bracelet See more -

Contributed by Reena Sommer

Handmade Beaded Wrap Bracelet

Made from 500+ lavender beads with turquoise pearls - gorgeous See more -

Contributed by Reena Sommer

African Beaded Drop Earrings

This are unique - no others just like them. Lightweight and colorful. Fun to wear See more -

Contributed by Reena Sommer

Handmade yoga bracelet

Rich dark brown colored beads and macrame knotting with the Ohm charm - great yoga bracelet More -

Contributed by Reena Sommer

Micro Macrame Celtic Love Knot Necklace

So simple - but lovely. Actually, tying the knot was the hardest part - but worth it. See more -

Contributed by Reena Sommer

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