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Introduction To Hamsters

Contributed by Kymberly Ellis Taylor

Hamsters will sometimes lick your fingers or hands when they feel comfortable being held. My hamster has never done this, however. She is still in the "testing" phase (:/)

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Never give your hamster citrus fruits. They are too acidic for the hamster's stomach and the high water content can lead to diarrhea.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Don't be tempted to buy every brand name treat under the sun for your hamster! Especially since some of them might be very low in nutrients. Try this recipe to make your own treats.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

You can feed a hamster egg whites for protein (just a little per week though!). Some people feed them cooked meats too.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Hamsters have been known to "test" their owners. They kinda rake their teeth across your finger after they sniff you to determine whether you're edible or not. Don't worry, they're gentle! Sometimes however a hamster might decide to bite you anyway. "Testing" happens most often when your ham-ham is getting used to being handled by you and because of their poor eyesight.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

hammy was our hamster 4 years ago but he die afer everyone give him food

Contributed by Mary Arellano Garza

Hamster care doesn't have to be expensive! Since ham-hams like tunneling and burrowing, a tissue paper roll would be an excellent DIY toy. On its own, the hamster will tunnel through it and rip it up for fun or for bedding, Here is a tutorial to give your pet some variety. video courtesy of OnceUponAPig

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

When you first take your hamster home, he might be stressed out from being placed in a different environment. He'll be jumpy and probably bite if you pick him up right away. Gently transfer your ham-ham from his box to his new cage, then leave him be for a few days. This will lower his chance of getting a stress related illness such as wet tail. Video courtesy of chocolatecolors26

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

I had a hamster named Cinnamon but, he died of a tail disease :(

Contributed by Miranda Proctor