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Hamsters are rodents (order Rodentia) belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae, which contains about 25 species classified in six or seven genera. They have become established as popular small house pets, but, because they are easy to breed in captivity, hamsters are also often used as laboratory animals.

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Thirsty hamster

Enjoying the water

Contributed by Wendylynn Capote

Golden Hamster Family Tree

All domesticated North American Golden hamsters are descendants of a single female Golden hamster captured in Syria by Professor Aharoni in the 1930s.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

This is a sable banded hamster. Just a sable hamster with a white band of fur in the middle of its body. These hamsters usually have cream colored rings around the eyes and cute speckled ears.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson


Contributed by Amanda Slater

The Hamster Dance - by Hampton and the Hamsters

Contributed by Allison Paige Couch

Hamsters in pop cultutre

A very popular hamster is hamtaro, star of the hamtaro children's stories, mangas, and tv anime series.

Contributed by Mariely Mejorado

I'm not sure how much exercise hamsters need but I used to take my hamster out to let him run around a closed space (larger than his cage though). He'd love to squeeze through tight spaces. Also my hamster liked to dig tunnels in dirt while I know another hamster didn't so I guess it depends on you to find out what your hamster like to play/eat.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

Make sure to cook your wholewheat-only pasta before giving it to your hamster!

Contributed by Sara Cornett

This is just cute! :) If you ever Were going to feed your hamster popcorn, do NOT let him eat it with butter, cheddar or seasonings. The little guy would get so sick! Chocolate and sugar will cause him stomach pain as well, so steer clear!

Contributed by Rachel Bulko

Hamsters love Aspen bedding over pine shavings. I think it may be because of the dust contributed by pine is of large quantities and is very fine. Aspen on the other hand has very little dust and I think smells better :)

Contributed by Klancy Best

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