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A quick, but awesome, costume.

Contributed by Meg Gilmour

I got married on it.

Contributed by Julie Moore

mommuh !

open your door.....

Contributed by Gabrice Shay Fuimaono

Sounds like a good idea for those of you that have bushes :]

Contributed by Johanna L Garcia

my pumpkin last year

pummy ummy umpkins!

Contributed by Logan Michelle Dudley

Witchy Feeling

Modern-day witch costume with handmade hat

Contributed by Renea Powell

stop whatever youre doing and look at this squirrel with a halloween mask

Contributed by Eunice Lee

Simple hair and makeup...LOL

Contributed by Thomas James Pierce

This is Halloween! The Nightmare before Christmas was released in October 29, 1993.

Contributed by Courtney Walsh