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hmm. . . . .

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Dip Dyed Ends

Blue and purple dip dyed ends.

Contributed by Lindsay Graham

pink ombre hair

Contributed by Kalli Vanden Heuvel

dark ombre hair i just did this to my own hair!

Contributed by Kalli Vanden Heuvel

this hair color is so pretty

Contributed by Kalli Vanden Heuvel

It's known to turn Asian hair orange, or more red than actual blonde! Be careful and pay attention to your stylist's advice.

Contributed by Sarah Slone

This is sooo cute!

Contributed by Allie Drott

Dyed Hair Can Still Remain Relatively Healthy

We always hear from people who have never dyed their hair that those people that do will experience hair loss after only a few different color changes. This picture is of me and I have been dyeing my hair for over four years now. Is my hair as healthy as someone who has never changed the color of their hair? Probably not, but I would say that my hair is still relatively healthy even after not being its natural color for years. If you want to dye your hair, just make sure that you take special care of it. Some of my main tricks are lots of conditioner, protein treatments, and hair masks. Good luck hair color enthusiasts!

Contributed by Sarah Potter

Any box that says semi-permanent dye is a false advertisement, and those are words coming straight from a hairdresser! No matter what the hair dye will always go into the porous sections of hair strands and the color will remain. It will most likely fade to a dill color, and remain for months and months.

Contributed by Kelly MacMillan

Hair color for fall

Deep browns and auburns/reds are very in this fall season!

Contributed by Kelly MacMillan