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Loving the Short Hair

Short hair is trending... Again! Loving Demi's cut in this picture.

Contributed by Sam Retzlaff

Bobby Pins Reinvented

Looking to do something less boring with bobby pins? Such a good idea!

Contributed by Sam Retzlaff

Learn To French Braid

This picture is how I learned to french braid, hope you find it as useful as I did:)

Contributed by Sam Retzlaff

All about them waves

Easy and so beautiful! Good for any length hair, but particularly short.

Contributed by Anna McCreary

Short hair is in.

And apparently everyone else thinks so, too.

Contributed by Anna McCreary

On the hot new hair trend: the long bob (or "lob")

Can you rock it? Most definitely yes. Should you? Also a yes.

Contributed by Anna McCreary

Waves without Heat!

This shows you how to get great waves without using any heat!

Contributed by Katie Leavitt

Beach Waves in a Bottle

Awesome tutorial for how to get beautiful beach waves without going to the beach!

Contributed by Katie Leavitt

Braid Breakdown

This site breaks down how to create many different braids

Contributed by Katie Otradovec