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super crazy!

Contributed by Holly Forbes


but cool

Contributed by Holly Forbes



Contributed by Holly Forbes


how they do that!

Contributed by Holly Forbes

My crazy turquoise hair.

Recently, I dyed my hair turquoise with dark blue on the tips. I definitely broke out of my comfort zone when I did this. I suggest if you want to have fun colored hair for a little bit that you should try it. You never know you might like how you feel about it. My friend took this picture of me on her Snapchat.

Contributed by Mercedes Renee-Lane

Trying to Tie Hair Up

Oh my goodness. This is funny!

Contributed by Jenna Julien

Here's an easy to follow tutorial for a pretty braided updo!

Contributed by Rachel Peterson

Twisted Updo for Long Hair

If only it were always this easy!

Contributed by Rachel Peterson

So Beautiful

You would have so many compliments!

Contributed by Anna Spoering