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Just something for you guys and girls who are interested in challenging yourself for braids. This is the Five Strand Braid. Its said to look like a basket weave or too resemble one.

Contributed by Paige Marie Tallman

Rosemary Effects on Hair

Rosemary tea and rosemary oil are both used extensively in hair care routines for very good reasons. Rosemary stimulates hair follicles, causing hair to grow long and strong. Rosemary also combats premature hair loss and stops hair from falling out during brushing, shampooing or just daily living. This can be an especially important benefit for women who have PCOS or hormone related hair loss, for people with alopecia areata or for people who are concerned with balding. If you are concerned with battling grey hair, rosemary can help with that as well. Rosemary promotes pigmentation in the hair, preventing premature grey hair and even reversing grey hair in some cases. Dry, flaky scalp, and the often resulting dandruff, can also be remedied using rosemary. The detoxifying and disinfecting attributes of rosemary oil, combined with its invigorating qualities, make your scalp and hair healthy and flake-free with regular use. So how does rosemary work for hair growth and hair health? One of rosemary's principle actions is increasing circulation to the scalp. This increase in circulation to the scalp results in renewed cellular health and increases the nutrients delivered to the scalp and hair. How is rosemary oil used? Rosemary oil is best used directly on the scalp, and can be mixed with other hair health herbs such as fenugreek, sage, bhringraj, horsetail or aloe vera. Rosemary can also be used as a tea rinse for hair, or made into a rosemary infused vinegar rinse for hair.

Contributed by Evan Bellamy

How to do a little hair bump?

I have curly hair and long side swept bangs and sometimes I just want to them out of my face. I tried watching people do this little poof thing but they all have straight hair. but when I try doing it myself it doesnt work. Its frizzy and splits. I dont know what Im doing wrong. Please help, any advise on how I can do the poof right. Or is ther anyone else with curly hair that this doesnt work with?

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

Simple classic hair curling tutorial

Contributed by Lorena Gan

An uncommon way of changing your hair color!

Contributed by Sophia Maria

8 reasons you need a bow!

who doesn't love a hair bow?

Contributed by Kay La

Freaky Hair Typeface!

Amsterdam designer Monique Goossens has made a typeface with strands of human hair. More info:

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

Hello everyone, As a hairstylist for 5 years my clients always ask me the same question, "what is the best product for my hair?" Since I'm not product biased I can't always predetermine that a specific line will work for them like a miracle, but thankfully nature has helped me to create "natural hair remedies" that I give them and in most if not all occasions they seem to work for them. Here is one of my favorites because its quick and easy. Ingredients: -banana -egg yolk -honey mix them all together to get a thick consistency. On dry not shampooed hair (dirty hair) run the treatment from roots to end, let it sit for at least 15 minutes (the longer the better) and then shampoo and condition your hair. Not only will your hair smell delicious but the bananas and egg yolk will help create strength in your hair and the honey will nourish and provide shine to the hair. I hope this has been helpful and I will be sure to keep coming back to share other trick. Wish you all an awesome day.

Contributed by Erika Robles

Cool for those of us with curly hair, trying to get rid of the frizz

Contributed by Arcelia Gandarilla