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Haiku in English

A haiku in English is a very short poem in the English language, following to a greater or lesser extent the form and style of the Japanese haiku. A typical haiku is a three-line observation about a fleeting moment involving nature.

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Sunrise Haiku Iridescent glow Get out of my soul region Enter my life, please

Contributed by Empriś Durden

A young child's haiku, considered the best (or snarkiest) in humanity.

Contributed by Empriś Durden

The best haiku ever in life?

Contributed by Empriś Durden

A large collection of Richard Wright's haiku.

Contributed by Empriś Durden

1. I am nobody: A red sinking autumn sun Took my name away. 2. I give permission For this slow spring rain to soak The violet beds. 3. With a twitching nose A dog reads a telegram On a wet tree trunk. 4. Burning autumn leaves, I yearn to make the bonfire Bigger and bigger. 5. A sleepless spring night: Yearning for what I never had And for what never was.

Contributed by Empriś Durden

In all, he wrote over 4,000 haiku, from which he chose, before he died, the 817 he preferred. Rather than a deviation from his self-appointed role as spokesman for black Americans of his time, Richard Wright's haiku, disciplined and steeped in beauty, are a culmination: not only do they give added scope to his work but they bring to it a universality that transcends both race and color without ever denying them. Wright wrote his haiku obsessively--in bed, in cafes, in restaurants, in both Paris and the French countryside. His daughter Julia believes, quite rightly, that her father's haiku were "self-developed antidotes against illness, and that breaking down words into syllables matched the shortness of his breath." They also offered the novelist and essayist a new form of expression and a new vision: with the threat of death constantly before him, he found inspiration, beauty, and insights in and through the haiku form. The discovery and writing of haiku also helped him come to terms with nature and the earth, which in his early years he had viewed as hostile and equated with suffering and physical hunger. Fighting illness and frequently bedridden, deeply upset by the recent loss of his mother, Ella, Wright continued, as his daughter notes, "to spin these poems of light out of the gathering darkness."

Contributed by Empriś Durden

Plastic kitty, Birthed of Sanrio, hello. You are not Japan. (By Empris' Durden)

Contributed by Empriś Durden

Label: MADE IN CHINA In Tokyo’s largest toy store Must stop chuckling (By Empris' Durden)

Contributed by Empriś Durden

Consumers grab at Cannon and Toyota gods How ironic are we (By Empris' Durden)

Contributed by Empriś Durden

On Tokyo streets, Bright purple dreams, old and new. Forever electric. (By Empris' Durden)

Contributed by Empriś Durden

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