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The most epic moment of Grey's Anatomy.

Contributed by Kelsey Gaffney

I love Izzy as a character, and she was my favorite female character. I hated seeing her go, but I am forever hopeful that she may return. Though I know that is unlikely given the reasons for her departure. Tragically, my favorite male character was George, and well, I was very sad to see him leave the show. I do have to say at first, as a writer, I was conflicted by Izzy's departure from the show because I did not feel like it fit her character. Though she was quick to drop Alex when he misbehaved early in the show, Izzy was too much of a hopeless romantic to just ditch Alex, now her husband, just because he may or may not have told them to fire her. I was satisfied however, when they had her return, and made it Alex's decision to force her to leave. I'm anxiously awaiting the new season, and am very thankful for Netfilx as I rematch the early season episodes before bed each night. Definitely a new favorite show of mine.

Contributed by Brooke Dodd

My favorite character is Izzy!

Contributed by Bethany Hawe

I am pretty sure it debuted on March 27th 2005. It was Easter that year and my birthday. As I love this show I take it as my own strange personal triumph.

Contributed by Kellymarie Perez-Cruz