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A greeting card is an illustrated piece of card or high quality paper featuring an expression of friendship or other sentiment. Although greeting cards are usually given on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or other holidays, such as Halloween, they are also sent to convey thanks or express other feelings (such as to Get-well from illness). Greeting cards, usually packaged with an envelope, come in a variety of styles. There are both mass-produced as well as handmade versions that are distributed by hundreds of companies large and small. While typically inexpensive, more elaborate cards with die-cuts or glued-on decorations may be more expensive.

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DIY Birthday Card

Make your OWN birthday card. Be creative! Pop-up balloons

Contributed by Jennifer Dinh

Fathers Day card!

Best kind of card ever!!! YUMMMM #wishiwasafather

Contributed by Carolina Tinkyme

A great idea for making your own cards at home! Usually you can buy blank card sets at a craft store or just cardstock and envelopes and then decorate them. Cute!

Contributed by Cassie Leyba

Awesome video on the creation and signing of the largest greeting card ever made and most signed greeting card ever. Wonder what postage would cost on this...

Contributed by Sammo Lea

This is! Just Wink is an electronic greeting card company that adds some sass to their cards and allows you to connect to your Facebook and send cards through there or through e-mail. I have the greeting card app on my Nook Color and I send cards to those with birthdays and on Hallmark holidays such as Mother's Day and Father's Day. Enjoy!

Contributed by Cassie Leyba

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