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Gratin (French pronunciation: ​[ɡʁatɛ̃]) is a widespread culinary technique in which an ingredient is topped with a browned crust, often using breadcrumbs, grated cheese, egg and/or butter. Gratin originated in French cuisine and is usually prepared in a shallow dish of some kind. A gratin is baked or cooked under an overhead grill or broiler to form a golden crust on top and is traditionally served in its baking dish.

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This is the most delicious and simple recipe for gratin potatoes ever, my auntie taught me this one and I love to make it. What you'll need: 5-6 medium Yukon gold potatoes. 12oz - 1lb. Gruyère* cheese (grated) 2-4 Tbs. unsalted butter Coarsely ground pepper to taste Sea salt to taste In order to make the gratin potatoes just slice the potatoes very thinly and layer them in a casserole or oven0safe skillet with dabs of butter and layers of the gruyere cheese, salt and pepper. Make sure that you end up with a layer of cheese on top so that the recipe will come out with a nicely browned top. Bake it in an oven at 375 degrees F, for about 40-45 minutes or until the potatoes are tender. Cover the Gratin with foil or a lid (only if you are using an iron skillet with an iron lid) for the first 30minutes to prevent the cheese from burning, and uncover for the last few minutes to brown the cheese. *Gruyère is the best to use with this recipe, but you can also add in freshly grated parmesan cheese for a slightly different flavor.

Contributed by Joanna Hoover

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