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Grantsmanship is the art of acquiring peer-reviewed research funding.

Grants provide money and other resources to aid and assist organizations in funding and completing projects that benefit the public. Agencies and governments offer the opportunity to receive funding for specific types of studies and research each year to individuals, public agencies, schools, non-profit organizations, and corporations. A complex and all-encompassing application must be completed in order for an organization to be considered to receive the grant money. The person who writes the grant is called the grant writer.

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This Youtube video plays relaxing music that opens the mind to a more creative state. The music does not the bore the listener but, keeps them focus on their work. In fact, as I write this, I'm listening it to it right now! People will be more in the "zone" than ever. This results in more productive writing. Anyone is able to download the full hour-long version, for free, in the about section. Enjoy.

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