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Many graffiti artists begin their quest of drawing art with aerosols during their teenage years. I myself am not a graffiti artist, but someone dear to me is one of the greatest artists I've met, and is deeply passionate about graffiti. This dear person is my brother. He started tagging when he was 15 years old. One day I asked my brother why he would graffiti if he knew it was illegal. He answered by telling me that it was his chance to be who he wanted to be. Me and my brother suffered experiences in our household and many problems that took a toll on us. Barely bearable stress and pressure was put on us. I was always more strong minded than my older brother, and my brother would fight away his stress and pressure by submitting to illegal graffiti. Art was his way of speaking to others and a spray can was his megaphone. He said that whenever he would draw or graffiti, he would become a whole other person in a whole other world. This was his objective and the reason to why he is a graffiti artist. Graffiti would help him escape to another dimension and escape his life surrounded by problems and burdens. Graffiti is his Getaway.

Contributed by Gustavo Barraza

Cool graffiti that caught my eye

Contributed by Evelyn Philistin

Wildstyle graffiti

Contributed by Walter Cortez Jr. spotted at my local subway

Contributed by Jessica Zhou

Here ya go!

Contributed by Ashley Pledger

want to learn more?! ill post the link too

Contributed by Ashley Pledger

Melbourne Street Graffiti

Contributed by Kyle Whitley

An album of some street graffiti in Toronto

Contributed by Kyle Whitley

Graffiti is so overlooked by many people. Watch this entire video and learn how graffiti can truly be a form of art. This guy is so talented and the end result is mind-blowing.

Contributed by Melanie Walsh-Mager

Examples if graffiti

Contributed by Sean Waters