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Government shutdown in the United States

In United States politics, a government shutdown is the process the Executive Branch must enter into when Congress and the President fail to pass legislation funding government operations and agencies. If interim or full-year appropriations are not enacted into law, the current interpretation of the Antideficiency Act requires that the federal government begin a "shutdown" of the affected activities, often involving the furlough of non-essential personnel and curtailment of agency activities and services. Programs that are funded by laws other than annual appropriations acts (like Social Security) also may be affected by a funding gap, if program execution relies on activities that receive annually appropriated funding. Although the term government shutdown usually refers to what occurs at the federal level, shutdowns have also occurred at the state/territorial and local levels of government.

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A helpful article in understanding the very basics of the government shutdown

Contributed by Delaney Witten

All I know is I am not getting paid, and some of my checks are bouncing. This shutdown is terrible.

Contributed by Kassidy Marie Christianson

The most affordable health plan under the Affordable Healthcare Act is over $300 a month? That's over $3600 a year. Pricey X.x

Contributed by Johanna L Garcia

This article has some interesting details and facts about the government shutdown.

Contributed by Bich Ka

Although a government shutdown in 2013 seemed very plausible due to arguments between the Republican House and the Democratic President, a funding bill was passed on Wednesday in order to prevent the aforementioned shutdown at the expense of including across-the-board sequestrations. Click here to read more!

Contributed by Austin Roberto

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