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Golden Retriever

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This is a great video about Golden Retrievers. It gives a lot of information about the breed and shows you how the Goldens interact with people. They are great and loving companion and by far my favorite breed!

Contributed by Danielle Gerber

Golden Retrievers will always do what they have to to please their owners. They may not always 'listen' but being rewarded is one of their favorite past times. They are built for water though and so living in the desert or dry climate is not ideal unless their fur is kept short. They will always romp through the water and mud if they can so beware of mud puddles! Golden Retrievers are also known for what is called having a 'soft mouth'. In short, when they are properly trained, goldens are known to be able to pick up the most frail objects (such as quail eggs) in their mouths without breaking or dropping them. Bred for hunting, goldens are loyal listeners with the sense of smell as strong as a rodents.

Contributed by Danielle Dowdy-Alexander

Bodhi Zafha Mondavi: One of the most loving and loyal animals I have ever encountered in my life. He was my best friend for a good 11 years and always took care of me. May he rest in peace after battling cancer for so long that went un-noticed. I love you Bodhi.

Contributed by Danielle Dowdy-Alexander

Here's a gorgeous Golden Retriever that I've been petsitting since she was a baby. They're such a great breed!

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo