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Gold Star Families for Peace

Gold Star Families for Peace (GSFP) is a United States-based organization founded in January 2005 by individuals who lost family members in the Iraq War, and are thus entitled to display a Gold Star. It is considered an offshoot of Military Families Speak Out. Gold Star Families for Peace now includes more than 65 families of troops killed in Iraq.

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The casket you see in the picture is my brothers. My brother SSG Roberto Loeza was killed in action on May 25, 2012. Remembering the tears shed by my parents when we first found out, the screams that were heard when we first received the body, the tears and shouts that were heard and seen when we finally saw that it was our brother/son/father/husband. My life and my families life has changed, we don't see the world the same without him. We are supporters of TAPS, Gold Star Families, Soldiers Angels and the Survivor Outreach Services. Gold Star Families will be united forever because we all that one thing in common, the loss of our loved one.

Contributed by Mercedes Loeza

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