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Global warming

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First Five Months of 2015 Hottest Ever Recorded

Photo taken by Saikat Paul on Shutterstock. This year is set to be a record-breaker according to NASA's global temperature data with the temperature being 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit above the long-term average and the first five months being the hottest ever recorded! The effects are the worst in India where the high temperatures have caused the deaths of 2500 people so far and in New Delhi it was so hot even roads were melted! It's only expected to get worse if we don't do anything as carbon dioxide concentrations are projected to reach an all-time high of 900 parts per million in July 2099! This is proof that global warming is certainly NOT a scam!

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

If all of the Earth's land ice melted, sea levels would rise over 200 feet. All in all, hundreds of millions of residents would be forced to migrate inland and some of Europe's oldest and most prominent cities would be sadly erased by the sea.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

This is a quick yet easy way to understand how Global Warming works. Tune in!!

Contributed by Stephanie Pasco

For some reason, there is much dispute on the topic of the environment and climate change, especially within politics. This video captures great (and shocking) footage of an example of rapidly our actions are taking a toll on the earth. Hopefully this can encourage us all to always keep Mother Nature in mind in our daily lives.

Contributed by Rraine Hanson

Designer of 'I Heart NY' logo creates 'Global Dying' logo

His design is in response to the word "warming" being too comforting. "Global Dying" leaves no room for a gentler interpretation.

Contributed by Chuck Kao

Some folks argue that the global temperature changing by a couple degrees isn't a big deal. Well, marine biologists disagree. There are species of fish in the ocean that can only live within a specific few degrees of temperature. When the temp changes, they die off, affecting the rest of the ecosystem around them.

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

These beautiful creatures and habitat are declining to the point where they will no longer be able to exist. Temperatures cannot be controlled but destroying their habitat and poachers can be. It's a shame to see not only these animals but ALL animals go through this. They were here before us, yet we're the ones destroying them.

Contributed by Courtney Walsh

A video about how global warming has been studied for decades to determine how it might affect the Earth in decades to come. The video discusses the measurable changes that have occurred that are associated with the term "global warming." The various clips included here show how the world has seen these effects: good or bad? You decide.

Contributed by Sammo Lea

Whether or not people want to acknowledge the change in temperatures over time, Global Warming is in fact causing drastic changes to the way climate affects our everyday lives. Weather patterns over the last 50 years has changed the way individuals live their lives. The heat index and UV rays during the summer has caused light skinned individuals to take more caution when going outdoors during sunny days. People that work outside are more susceptible to heat exhaustion and strokes because of the increase in temperatures and humidity. During hurricane and tornado season, the storms have been more powerful, more costly, and more deadly than ever before. Global Warming has the power to alter the way human beings function, their health, and their environment if it is not taken seriously and combated.

Contributed by Megan Niven

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