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Words have meaning, names have power! My name is Yuvaraj; in Hindu families, such as mine, religious traditions and family customs have a large influence on how an auspicious name for a child is picked according to the date and time of birth of that child. Right after I was born, on April 16th, 1998, the first letter of my name ‘Y’ was picked by the priest. My mom tells me that the reason she picked this name is because the name Yuvaraj creates a very independent, ambitious, resilient, versatile, and progressive vibe in the person. Since I realized the true meaning of my name and the thought that went into choosing it for me, I have forever worked to live up to it.

Contributed by Yuvaraj Dhir

I've always thought interpretations of names and the meaning behind names were very interesting, especially since I'm a writer and create various characters that, of course, need names. This website analyzes 10 different first names for free each day for you and you can pay to be a member and unlock more services.

Contributed by Bailey Steggerda

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