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Giraffe Mama Love

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

Super cute baby giraffe!

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

Giraffe Kisses!

When a giraffe calf is born, it will drop 5-6 feet to the ground. Because the mother's give birth STANDING UP! Baby giraffes enter the world with a big fall to the ground. However, it doesn't get hurt and will stand up within about an hour. (One giraffe in a zoo, stood within just five minutes.)

Contributed by Vanessa Lam

Giraffes need about 75 pounds of a specific type of leaf that comes from the acacia tree to give them enough energy for ONE day. Their tongues enable them to get just a few leaves in each bite, so the majority of the day is spent getting the leaves off the trees....OR...... licking this cute squirrel!!

Contributed by Vanessa Lam

Giraffe Family

Male Giraffes can reach 20 ft Female Giraffes about 14 ft & Baby are 6 ft tall

Contributed by Chenelle Witty

amazing! Mama giraffe giving birth.

Contributed by Kimberly Michel

A giraffe can clean its own ear with its 21-inch long tongue!

Contributed by Lizzie Briley

A giraffe can go without water longer than a camel can. Who knew?

Contributed by Ebony Ivy

Giraffes are very curious animals.

Contributed by Natalie De La Cruz